Templo Santo Domingo / Ooooa Studio

Man oh man, where to begin to describe the magic that unfolded at our intimate Oaxacan wedding last October? Oaxaca, a cultural and gastronomic hub nestled in the heart of Mexico, served as the perfect backdrop for our intimate wedding celebration. From the historic Templo Santo Domingo de Guzman wedding ceremony to the contemporary architecture of Ooooa Studio for our reception, our wedding day was a testament to the beauty of blending old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Oaxaca wedding video linked below!


October is an enchanting time to visit Oaxaca. The jacaranda trees put on their stunning display of lavender blooms, the breeze feels tender and mild, and the city comes alive with anticipation for the annual Day of the Dead festivities at the end of the month. Each sunset graced us with an artist’s palette of colors, setting the sky ablaze with hues of burnt orange and deep pink.

Our wedding day began at the Templo Santo Domingo de Guzman, an architectural marvel that dates back to the 16th century. Its detailed baroque architecture, ornate altars, and lush courtyard were the epitome of romance. The temple’s gilded interior was bathed in soft daylight, creating a heavenly ambiance that echoed our vows and joyous laughter.


Post-ceremony, our guests were treated to a “calenda.” For those unfamiliar, a calenda is a traditional Oaxacan parade led by a local band, complete with giant, dancing puppets (los monos) and the crowd favorite that came to be known as the “mezcal” fairy. As the music started, the air filled with palpable excitement. This lively procession was our way of inviting not just our wedding party, but the entire town to partake in our joy.

On we danced, down cobblestone streets framed by brilliantly colored buildings, each step leading us closer to our cocktail hour venue (Hotel Nana Vida). We moved in time with the rhythm of the band, our hearts matching the euphoric beat of the drums. And as the sun set, the warm glow of the streetlamps cast an inviting light on our parade, guiding us to our next destination Ooooa Studio.


Located in the heart of the city, Ooooa Studio offered a stark yet harmonious contrast to the historic Santo Domingo church. This modern venue, renowned for its modern architecture and expansive, open-plan spaces, was transformed into an intimate oasis for our celebration. The blend of contemporary and rustic mexican d├ęcor, coupled with the gentle glow of handcrafted artisan candles and warm string lights, created a cozy atmosphere that had our guests marveling at the transformation.

At Ooooa Studio, we savored Oaxacan delicacies masterfully crafted by Oaxaca’s top chef Rodolfo Castellano and sipped on an exclusive mezcal distillation from our friend, Gonzalo Martinez of Mezcal Macurichos. In-between sips and delicious food, we listened to heartfelt toasts that brought laughter and tears in equal measure. We danced till our feet ached under a sky dotted with twinkling stars and a night that echoed our happiness.

As I look back, I am filled with gratitude for the experience. Our Oaxacan wedding was more than a union of two souls; it was a celebration of love, culture, and friendship. It was about embracing traditions while creating new ones.


Our hearts overflow with gratitude as we remember each friend and family member who journeyed to Oaxaca to share in our special day. To see familiar faces light up in the glow of Oaxacan sunsets, to feel the warmth of your embraces, and to hear your laughter ringing through the streets; each moment was a precious gift that we will treasure forever. Your presence amplified our joy, making our celebration even more memorable. And to those who couldn’t physically be there but sent us your well-wishes and love, we felt your spirit in every moment.

In the end, we were left with memories etched in the golden light of the Oaxacan sun, the rhythmic music of the calenda, and the enchanting night at Ooooa Studio. It’s not just about saying “I do,” but about the journey, the moments in between that stitch together the beautiful tapestry of our shared life. And we couldn’t think of a better place than Oaxaca to begin our forever.



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